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Today, cameras of some kind can be purchased from many sources.  Choose a vendor that can actually service your industrial process video needs. If you don’t want to do your job twice, hire the supplier that understands the needs of industrial processing facilities.   Your plant’s down time costs are factors that justify purchasing the right video equipment the first time. Consider:

  • How much it costs your plant every minute  a machine is down due to an unreliable camera.
  • The cost required to dedicate a technician to handle a recurring camera failure.
  • The importance of video monitoring to your plant’s safety initiatives.

Every Camera vendor claims to sell “industrial” video.   Most of the time the term “industrial” is just a differentiation from “consumer” video (i.e. light commercial verses consumer camcorders). Make sure you select the vendor that understands your definition of “industrial”.  Check their customer list.  Does it resemble Bass Electronics’ customer list? If the customers on our list more closely resemble your company’s size and activity, you should be contact Bass Electronics.


What We Offer:

  • Experience – 52 years in operation.
  • 40 years providing Industrial Process camera design, manufacture, sales and service
  • Camera solutions for extreme temperature applications (boilers, furnaces, incinerators, kilns, etc.)
  • Cameras for:
    • Furnaces and Boilers
    • Other High Temperature applications
    • Highly corrosive areas
    • Explosion Proof Flameproof areas
    • High vibration/heavy shock areas (moving or vibrating wheeled equipment or vibratory separation machines, etc.)
  • An end to frequent camera repair in demanding applications
  • FREE System consulting & design from people who know your camera needs
  • Video transmission consulting – Utilize the best method for your application – copper coax, UTP, Fiber Optics, RF, Ethernet, Internet or a combination of methods. Insure that your image quality is as clear at the monitor as it is leaving the camera. Everything in an Industrial facility is different than commercial security applications.
  • Thousands of Systems designed & sold in demanding applications like yours.
  • Mounting solutions designed for Industrial Process areas.


Optical solutions consulting – Use the right optics to guarantee your satisfaction

Industrial Video Systems
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