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Bass Electronics’ Clients will benefit using real time imagery of conveyors, screens, furnace and boiler flames and other processes to improve efficiency, and prevent costly equipment repairs. Bass Electronics cameras are designed to withstand demanding environments in pulp/paper, power gen., petro-chem., lumber, cement, and similar industries.

Applications include power, steam generation, industrial and chemical process observation, incineration, and waste to energy/ alternative fuel combustion processes. On-site assessment and walk-downs are offered to tailor industrial video solutions to meet your specific needs.

Bass Electronics has developed economical, durable, easy to use camera packages for viewing combustion chambers in operating boilers, furnaces, incinerators, and kilns. Other cameras in the line are designed for extended service in corrosive areas and locations with excessive shock or vibration. With Bass Electronics you now have the choice to install a camera product customized for your needs that is simple to maintain and will provide one-time installation of a camera System.  In house consultants will assist you with your system layout needs

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