Importance of Corrosion Protection

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Importance of Corrosion Protection

Stainless Steel Industrial cameras are necessary in a variety of demanding applications where typical outdoor camera products are inadequate for the installation.  Most camera products allow entry of moisture and also locally present corrosives which could be salt, chemicals, acids, bases etc.  These often deteriorate and or destroy delicate circuitry and complex and sensitive optical components. Photos below show the effects of corrosives to inadequately protected circuitry in cameras, transmitters, instruments, auto iris lenses etc. (electronics of any kind).

Corros 1 cam acid

Corros 7 cam acid

Corros 11 Instr

Above are various industrial circuit boards corroded by various air borne chemicals, typical in plants and Mills.  Corrosion cause: insufficient protection from ambient, harmless-to-humans, corrosive gases.  All electronics need protection if they are to last.   Click Here for more info on Stainless Cameras Below are typical environments where the stainless steel, gas-tight sealed cameras are often used:

Dregs filter, Paper Mill

Wastewater treatment plant

Chemical plant

Pulp and paper Mill

Photos below show the SE-2012 gas-tight stainless steel camera used to genuinely protect cameras and lenses from chemical corrosive damage as in the above examples. Contact us.  Allow us to assist you with a system layout and design. Systems can range from 1 to many cameras and cabling system types and layouts vary according to the most economical style according to the application. Contact us for a free consultation.

SE-2012 camera w MP12GS mt, 2 (1)

SE-2012 Camera on optional MP12GS pedestal mount

SE-2012 camera SB6-CT5 Svc Bx wired

SE-2012 Camera and the SB6-CT5 Service Box

Box shown with symbolic coax and 12vdc jumper exiting.  (These normally travel back to a monitor in the control room.)

SB6-CT5 SvcBx SE-2012 Pole Mt

SE-2012 Camera and the SB6-CT5 Service Box mounted on a common pole mount.

Click Here for more info on Stainless Cameras.

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