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  • Bass Electronics, Inc.

    USA manufactured Bass Electronics, Inc. Industrial Video Cameras for all process applications, providing remote viewing for Plant Operators in any area of the plant. Used in Paper Mills, Power Plants, Steel Mills, Cement manufacturers, primary metals processors, Chemical Plants, Petroleum refineries, etc.

    Refinery, misc pics (2)061515

    Process Cameras for: Pulp & Paper, Petroleum Refineries, Steel Mills, Lumber, OSB, Veneer, Plywood Mills, Chemical Plants, Oil Gas Drilling, Pipelines

    bark boiler surge bin superimposed

    Bark Boiler Surge Bin

    Chip & Bark Handling

    Wood Yard

    Bark stkr-rclmr cnvr feedb

    Stock Washers

    Black Liquor Spout

    chip shaker screen round superimposed cropped

    Chip Shaker

    Lime Kiln with dam&startup flame monitor

    Rotary Kiln

    Monitor w smokey stack telephoto 062609 copy

    Refinery Flare

    Stock press on monitor wo controls, cropped

    Stock Press

    Copy (3) of paper mch wire superimposed

    Paper Machine



    01 Dregs filter camera

    Mud/Dregs Filter

    Furnace & Boiler Cameras, Fixed and Portable

    AR-CFP choice
    Furnace/Boiler Camera

    Furnace camera on boiler wall, AR-CFP-M24
    Auto-Retract Boiler Camera

    Small Furnace/Boiler Camera

    Stainless Steel CamerasBE-11 pic. crpd.Harsh Environment Cameras:  4,000 ºF, High Corrosives, High Vibration, Explosion proof.

    Pressurized Dome Cameras:


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