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Viewports for Vessels and Furnaces

Please note these camera products are for environmentally demanding applications.  These products, documentation, services etc. are created for use in heavy industrial process facilities primarily for viewing process applications to assist plant operators. All products are built to meet industrial standards and needs and to sustain environments normally destructive to common security camera products.

 *Free consulting is available from the factory for all industrial camera applications.  Contact us for more information.

 Viewport Gates

Furnace View Ports with gate valves are used to view into a furnace when open, and contain furnace gases when closed. An optional View Port Window feature permits continuous viewing without breach of the furnace/vessel seal*. View Port Windows are removable to permit cleaning or replacement. The gate allows window removal without compromising the seal. This is a great safety feature for negative or balanced draft furnaces that periodically become positive in pressure or “puff”. Several models available sizes from 1” to 16” IPS size, depending on series.


Threaded viewports offer a variety of window types for Hi-Temp applications and have standard NPT male pipe threads. Units come in different materials and thread sizes from 1/2” to 2”. Custom sizes 2-1/2″, 3″, 4″, 6″ as well as adaptor devices for use on any size pipe thread.

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