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Furnace Cameras

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CF camera on auto-retract

CF camera on auto-retract

Controller for auto-retract contained

Controller for auto-retract

Air tank for auto-retract. Self contained energy source

Air tank for auto-retract. Self contained energy source


Bass Electronics AR-CFP/E Automatic Retract Systems provide “fail safe” protection from heat damage to camera probes.  These systems verify that the camera’s protective cooling systems are operating prior to insertion into the “danger zone” and automatically withdraw the optics from exposure to extreme temperatures if those systems fail. Contact us for more information.

  • AR-CFP/E series Camera Retract Systems available for all CF furnace cameras.
  • Automatically removes lens probe if conditions might cause heat damage to optics.
  • Self-contained system operates under its own power for retraction.
  • Both electric and pneumatic systems are available.
  • AR-CFP/E control box shown above displays digital temperature of lens probe.
  • Insert/Retract buttons allow easy insertion or retraction on command.
  • Control box drives all automatic functions of the system.

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