Portable Furnace Camera

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Fully portable, hand held, un-tethered Furnace Camera. No trailing wires or hoses.

  • Perfect for unrestrained furnace inspections.
  • Miniature monitor and digital video recording, all self contained as shown.
  • All battery powered.
  • Shown with 24”/61cm lens probe. Probes up to 60”/152cm.
  • Portable Systems can be outfitted with any of the Bass Electronics lens probes.

Portable cameras allow the user to inspect scenes in the furnace without trailing hoses or wires.  Built in color monitor and digital video recorder allow the user to view the scenes directly on the camera for constant aiming, re-aiming and observation.

Portable, self-contained furnace camera without shield

Portable, Self-Contained Furnace Camera without Shield

The unit also available with a larger sized heat shield to use with high radiance flames and or biomass boilers which have a tendency to “puff”.  Shield protects the user from greater than average heat.

Self-Contained Portable Furnace Camera with Large Shield

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