Fixed Mounts

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Fixed Mounts:


Cap Mount – view 1


Cap Mount – view 2

Bass Electronics CFPM-2C cap mounts enable the CF furnace cameras to be easily, quickly, and securely coupled to 2” or 3” sight tubes on most boilers, furnaces, kilns, reactors, etc. Units are shipped pre-attached to the CF camera.  Contact us for more information. 

CFPM24XF wCF front view

CFPM24XF front view

CFPM24XF wCF rear view

CFPM24XF rear view

Heavy Duty steel mount allows CF Furnace camera to rigidly weld to your furnace wall. Installs easily and provides a perfect flange mounting fixture for the Basscam CF Furnace Camera. The new –DC models provide for secondary cooling air input into the tube. 

Well Boxes - view 1

Wall Boxes – view 1

Well Boxes - view 2

Wall Boxes – view 2

Bass Electronics CFWB Series Wall-Boxes provide a mounting alternative to the CFPM series mount for permanent CF Furnace Camera installations on positive pressure boilers, furnaces, kilns, reactors, etc. Integral ports provide cooling air connections creating a secondary cooling air jacket around the lens probe. The CFWB units allow one to remove a camera from service in a positive pressures boiler, while sealing the furnace gases in the boiler.  Contact us for more information.

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