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Furnace and Boiler High Temperature Camera with lens probe

Free consulting is available from the factory for all industrial camera applications. Contact us for more information.

 CF Furnace and Boiler camera

CF Furnace and Boiler camera

Bass Electronics, Inc. CF Series Stainless Steel High Temperature Furnace/Boiler Cameras provide real time CCTV viewing of extreme temperature locations up to 4000°F/2204°C. These small sized cameras are ideally suited for permanent installation to observe conditions inside operating boilers, furnaces, kilns, reactors, etc. burning bio-diesel, biomass, coal, gas, MSW, oil, wood, etc. Contact us for more information.

CF Camera Mounts:

 A.) Fixed Mounts

B.) Auto Retract Mount

C.) Portable Furnace Camera

D.) Furnace Camera Accessories

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