Furnace Camera Accessories

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Furnace Camera Accessories

Service Box

Service Box

Bass Electronics SB3 Service Boxes provide a convenient location for 115/230V power and video connections to Bass Electronics CF and SE cameras. Locating the user termination and primary test points outside the camera enclosure extends camera service life by preventing corrosion of camera circuitry and connections.  Contact us for more information.

Air Filter System

Air Filter System

Bass Electronics F-CF Series Air Filtration Systems remove solid and liquid air supply contaminants that could damage electronic components or otherwise impair camera performance.  Contact us for more information.

Three Levels of Furnace Camera Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Over Temperature Annunciation 

Bass Electronics TAFI Over-Temperature Protection Transmitter alerts furnace camera operators that immediate action is required to prevent camera damage due to inadequate cooling airflow. The TAFI can trigger audible/visible alarms, or PLC alarm inputs, until coolant supply has been restored.  Contact us for more information.

Automatic Coolant

AFCAS Automatic Coolant Backup Device


AFCAS Controls Box

Bass Electronics Model AFCAS Automatic Coolant Supply Backup Systems provide emergency coolant to CF furnace cameras if the primary coolant air supply is interrupted. When primary air supply flow falls below the required volume, the AFCAS compressor delivers auxiliary cooling air until the primary air supply is restored.  


Controller for all Camera types. •Explosion Proof Areas •Classified Areas  •Flame Proof Areas

Stainless Steel Hazardous Area Purge or Pressurization Systems protect cameras and other camera control equipment located in hazardous areas. These systems prevent the risk of explosion by removing and preventing the accumulation of flammable gas, vapors or dust with compressed instrument air or inert gas. Contact us for more information.

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