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The CFSRB Recovery Boiler camera views clearly through fire and smoke even in the largest size boilers to 10 TDS with proprietary thermal infrared using its state-of-the-art solid state imaging sensor. Pyrocam thermal analysis software provides temperatures anywhere in the image with sharp color imagery. Compact, robust design, light weight nylon/stainless steel for low air consumption and easy insertion. 


  • Clearly shows bed shape/height conditions
  • Clearly shows liquor patterns
  • Identifies problem conditions before significant losses occur
  • Minimizes emissions
  • Reduces risk of slag pooling, piling, covering of air ports
  • Allows burner shape/position optimization
  • Enhances primary combustion, burner and air flows
  • Increases safety: detect tube leaks and other problems
  • Identifies soot and slag accumulation on the tube walls
  • Reduce slag, clinker and ash build-up resulting in fewer shutdowns
  • Reduce boiler maintenance cost
  • Improve boiler thermal efficiency
  • Boiler start-up observation
  • Burner troubleshooting and malfunction identification
  • Temperature/thermal profile of refractory and water or oil tubes using PyroCam software

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