Outdoor Camera, ECO2:

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Outdoor Cameras:

Bass Electronics ECO2 Outdoor camera enclosures are designed for a variety of outdoor applications.  Ample space is available for camera, lens, power supply, fiber optic transmitter or a 2-wire video transmitter. Outdoor locations that require visual inspection or verification are just the right fit for Basscam ECO2 Cameras. Enclosure comes with a cast aluminum dual-purpose mount, able to attach directly to walls or other flat surfaces, and also directly to round poles, using stainless steel bands.   NO special round-pole adaptors are needed.  Camera packages are available with a broad variety of different lenses, cameras, transmitters, power supplies and cable harnesses.

ECO2 PIC 1 crpd


ECO2 pic 3 crpd

ECO2 Interior

ECO2 pic 2 crpd

ECO2 Wall/ Pole Mount 









Available with:

• Video:

• Analog video output

• IP Ethernet video output

• Lens Types

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