Vessel Viewing Cameras & Illuminators

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Cameras and Illuminators for Vessels, Tanks, Viewports, Flanges, etc.:

These specialized Cameras AND Illuminators and mountings are for CLO2 generators and other industrial process vessels to allow operators to view events in these tanks 24/7, from the control room, other mill locations or over the internet worldwide.  Bass Camera Systems are used on almost all CLO2 generators across the US as well as a variety of other process vessels, hoppers, extruders, mixers etc.  Several specialized design features make these Systems the most long lasting, durable and high quality vessel viewing Camera Systems available.  Allow us to assist you in a complete design so that this and all your camera applications install and perform to the highest standards.  Process oriented camera systems are our only business for 50 years.

Cameras are built for your environment.  Types include Explosion Proof “Classified” areas, high corrosion environments, high or low temperature environments, High-Luminosity scenes as with arc furnaces, flames, oxidation, plasma, high vibration etc.  Ask for brochures for cameras meeting your particular needs from Bass Electronics.   Cameras can be IP type as well as analog video.  IR and thermal imaging, with analysis software is also available.

BE-11 with Vessel viewing option pic. crpd.

BE-11 Explosion Proof camera on Vessel Port Mount

SE-2012 Stainless camera on Vessel Port Mount

IS-40F swung out for cleaning pic. crpd

VMBT Vessel Camera on Illuminator, on Vessel Port Mount. Easy Swing out design for Port servicing or cleaning


IS-40F Stainless Steel Illuminator Mount

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