Traveling Oven Camera

Traveling tunnel oven camera. Application for TOC-20 oven camera

TOC – 20

Occasionally, the activities inside a belt conveyor oven need to be investigated. Traffic jams in a traveling oven can be a disaster. Problems inside an oven can develop due to unexpected air flows, obstructions inside the oven, faulty part support devices, unexpected vibrations or shock, trolley or conveyor track defects etc. Whether it is to observe the curing of coatings or to observe conflicts, the Bass TOC-20 Oven Camera can provide your operations with the necessary video they need to make the appropriate adjustments.

This self-contained high temperature video recording system comes complete with everything needed to produce high-definition video recordings of the inside of any traveling conveyor oven. The TOC-20 system includes a self-contained camera, illumination and a video recording system. Typical oven temperatures range from 200°F-1400°F (93C-760C).

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