Bass Electronics has relied upon a portable system that was designed specifically for demonstrations by Bass Sales Reps. Never knowing what each site would be able to offer for electrical and more importantly cooling air, it was decided a long time ago that we would just bring our own. This system was designed for gentle use by trained reps and not the kind of abuse that our regular furnace cameras are made to endure.  Many customers, impressed by the utility of the portable camera requested this unit for their periodic inspections.

In response to their requests Bass Electronics introduces the newest member of our furnace camera fleet. The CF-Portable

The features of this customer friendly unit include:

  • A truly tetherless unit. No dangling power cords or air-cooling lines.
  • Self-contained power and cooling air.
  • Built in replaceable micron filter
  • Fast Charging lithium battery.
  • 5” HD color digital recorder/monitor with up to 128GB of data storage. -Good for almost 5 hours continuous recording at 1080p.
  • Available in 24”-60” lens probes
  • Forward viewing, 45° and 90° lenses available.

So whether you are inspecting the superheater on a power boiler or the bark bed on a hog fuel boiler, the process is as simple as finding a port and pushing a button.