Many longer runs of coax have been replaced by fiber optic cable  which is superior to coax because it is not affected by electrical noise along the cable run and can travel much longer distances (20 miles). If your distance is approaching 1000ft./304m or is going to be installed “aerially” (between poles) overhead, it is a good idea to utilize fiber optic cable instead of coax.

We typically offer the following recommendation for the distance of each cable:

Coax was and still is the work horse cable type in most industrial environments for video signal transmission. The ease with which the cable is run and terminated makes it the go-to cable for most runs under 1500ft./457m. Several sizes of coax are typically found in industry: RG-11, RG-6 and RG-59. These sizes allow for longer transmission distances without signal degradation.

*Distances vary with cable quality and environmental influences. These distances are meant to be rough guidelines.

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