Video monitoring of dregs and lime mud filters are essential in order to ensure that the material being filtered and then “doctored” by the doctor blade is falling into the catch pit. Occasionally, a bridge may form over the screw auger which eliminates the removal of the mud. This material then begins to overfill the catch pit, and spill onto the floor. Once this occurs, a hazard is created requiring a significant and costly cleanup. The papermaking process may also be hampered or stopped due to the shortage of lime mud as well.

Bass Electronics understands that these drums are normally located a great distance from the operator’s control room and are also in areas not frequented by any plant personnel. This is another ideal application for Bass Electronics corrosion resistant SE-2012 camera. Unseen conditions are often sources for problems in any process. Eventually, something un-productive is going to happen, hence the need for reliable observation.

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